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Strong Security Foldable Bike Lock

Strong Security Foldable Bike Lock

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  • Small and Delicate --- This is 26 joints folding bike lock with 3 keys. It is smaller than your smartphone. You can put it in your pocket. It supports many different bikes such as mountain bike. It can lock a few bikes at the same time. When you do outdoor exercise with your friends, you only bring one folding lock to lock your bike and your friend’s bike together.

  • Strong and Durable Material--- The lock is made of zinc alloy; the thickness of each piece of alloy is 1cm. The bike lock is strong, anti-corrosion, anti -saw which prevents theft and violence. This lock can clip on the seat tube. It is hard to cut off and break it down. And it prevents hacksaw, smash, Pry.

  • Water Resistant and Anti Corrosion --- The lock is covered by rubber lacquer which can make the lock water resistant and anti-corrosion. It can protect it from water, rust, corrosion. This significantly helps to extend the life of the lock. There is no strict preservation, just keep it in anywhere.

  • Safe and Simple Installation--- This lock can be directly to clip on the seat tube with a base mount. The adjustable diameter suitable any size of seat tube and easy to use. The portable design makes sure that the folding lock is compact and well clip on the seat tube.

Unlock Method

  1. insert the key to the lock cylinder
  2. turn the key 180° lockwise and then the cylinder come out a little
  3. turn the key 180° antilockwise and take away the key
  4. pull out the orange section and stretch out the lock totally
  5. put the orange section into the hole on the bottom of the cylinder
  6. push back the cylinder to lock up


  • Length: 85cm/33.5 inches (unfolding)
  • Folded Size: 4*5.2(H)cm/ 1.6*2.0 in
  • Net Weight: approx. 570g
  • Material: zinc alloy + alloy steel +ABS plastic +PA6 plastic +59 copper
  • Number of chain pieces: 26 pcs, single size: 16mm*45mm, using local carburizing heat treatment technology, hardness outside HRC45, internal HRC10-HRC25
  • Lock sleeve: zinc alloy + alloy steel (carburizing heat treatment hardness outside HRC45)
  • Key: PA6 plastic +59 copper


  • 1 * LOCK
  • 1 * BASE
  • 3 * KEYS
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